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"Nautilus in Gold" Abstract Acrylic Painting with Resin on 6x6-inch canvas by Michele Molina (2021). Art inspired by the Eastern Shore.


(Sold: This original artwork has been sold recently, but if you are interested in a similar piece of art please contact me.)



  • 6”x6” Wooden panel
  • 1" (2.54 cm) width
  • Pinewood and birch plywood
  • Unframed with sawtooth hanger on the back.


Thank you for supporting my art.

"Nautilus in Gold" - Abstract Acrylic & resin on wood

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, this item is out of stock, but we will create an original painting for you. Your shipment will be sent within three weeks.
  • Sorry, this artwork has been sold. Please contact me if you would like a commissioned piece in similar style.

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