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In the Beginning...


I am not sure exactly at what age I first picked up my first colored pencil or crayon. As far as I can remember I have been doing art and creating in my own world. I knew at a young age I wanted to be an artist.

From Darkness to Light... 

My life was surrounded by darkness submerged in Domestic Violence, and it was only my art that saved me and brought me to life again. So, my art, drawing & painting, fine art, portraits, and murals became an intricate part of my life and remain my inspiration today. Art healed me and brought me from some very dark places in my life’s journey. My expressions of art come from the core of my being, and it gives me wholeness and purpose to who I am and the journey I walk each day.

Challenged as An Artist and a person...

My degree is in Communication Studies, but no art degree. Yet, I attended many professional art classes over the years. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study under some magnificent very experienced artists, which stretched me as an artist and challenged me to become better. Even my dream of working in a local Art Gallery came true, and I was trained by a Master Artist to be an art framer, which was incredibly hard but rewarding work. 


I am blessed as I am able to do volunteer work in the community and be of service. I donate pieces of art for fundraisers and partial proceeds of my art to worthy non-profit organizations in the local community like YWCA San Gabriel Valley, UrbanMission Community Partners, Social Model Recovery Systems, and dA Center for the Arts. 

Thriving and Creating...

Today, I am not just living, but I am thriving as well! Along with hard struggles, tears, sweat, sorrow, loss, and pain come rewards, joy, laughter, fulfillment, exhilaration, triumphs, new and old friendships, and above all, love connecting us all. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE and stand for what you believe in. Join forces with positive, like-minded people, and together we can stand against the storms and climb those hard-treacherous mountains together.


In these ever-changing times, I am very motivated to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Making protective Face Coverings in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and donating a part of the proceeds back to local non-profits I can be an instrument of POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE COMMUNITY. And now we all see the community outcry for Racial Justice amongst our Black Community and Social Justice for all groups and races unjustly prejudice against!

My Journey...

Finally, being a Hispanic woman and part of the LGBTQ+ community I find myself working extra hard to make a positive mark in this world. Yet, I don't see myself as disadvantaged, but given the unique opportunity to teach, learn, grow, and meet incredible people in life. Also, being married to my wife and best friend for nearly seven years is definitely a cherished and loved part of my life.


By supporting my art you share a part of my journey, give me the inspiration to become a better person & artist, and help me fulfill my hope of one day becoming a non-profit to be able to raise funds with my art, along with other artists, to donate to other non-profits! If you would be interested in helping me make this dream a reality I would love to talk to you. I believe one person can make a positive difference! I believe in Miracles!

About MichMo Art

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