Specializing in Drawings, Paintings, and Pencil Drawings for sale, MichMoArt's work focuses on the Nature and Beauty around her & inspired by personal life experiences.

MichMoArt was created in 2013 to be able a part of making a better more beautiful world with art and to stand up against social and racial injustice.

Along with hard struggles, tears, sweat, sorrow, loss, and pain come rewards, joy, laughter, fulfillment, exhilaration, triumphs, new and old friendships, and above all, love connecting us all. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE and stand for what you believe in. Join forces with positive, like-minded people, and together we can stand against the storms and climb those hard-treacherous mountains together.

MichMoArt stands with the Black community against racial injustice and violence!


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