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This unique beautiful serving or cutting board can be used in different ways. This durable and easy to clean board can be used as a great breakfast serving board or cutting board.


This serving board or platter/tray is perfect for starting out in the morning accenting your favorite breakfast foods, to use as a cutting board preparing a delicious snack or meal, or complementing your party serving snacks, cheese, crackers, sausages, fruit, etc. Also, it could be a platter for nice candles for a romantic evening.


This is a beautiful & unique home decor will be a centerpiece of attention and admiration.


Flip over on the solid wood side - you will find is excellent for slicing cheese & sausages or chopping herbs, onions, tomatoes, etc. DO NOT use the colored resin side for cutting, because it could be damaged with a knife or sharp utensils. 


Materials: A wooden serving board with a cut out for holding or hanging on wall. It is accented with Black Diamond Mica Pigment colors and ProMarine Table Top Epoxy Resin. (Click link for info on FDA compliant Food Safe


Care Instructions: If properly cared for this unique peice will last for years. Please refer to more detailed care instructions.


Dimension: 7"L x 5"W x 1.5" H


Thank you for the support of my art.


Sorry this artwork has been sold. Please see our other wood burn pieces or contact us if you would like a commissioned piece.

Serving / Cutting Board, cheese board 7" x 5", Resin Art

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, this item is out of stock, but we will create an resin serving platter for you. Your shipment will be sent within four weeks.
  • Please:

    -Do not put in the dishwasher, hand wash only with as little amount of liquid detergent as possible, do not use bleach or harsh chemical detergents, wash directly after use, DO Not soak in water or expose to heat. do not freeze, dry using a cotton cloth right after washing.

    -We highly recommend using a proper food safe cutting board solution to maintain the beauty and quality of the wood. A process that would include cleaning/sanitizing, conditioning with oil, and sealing/protecting with finish wax is optimal. This three-step process would lead to cutting board greatness and give a nice shiny finish that brings out all the complexity of the wood grain.

    -Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.

  • Sorry, this artwork has been sold. Please contact me if you would like a commissioned piece in similar style.

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