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CARD SERIES I - BUTTERFLY SERIES I - set of 6 beautiful BLANK NOTE CARDS and 6 Recycled Envelopes.


This CARD SET is Digital prints of original acrylic art paintings by Michele Molina.  Each NOTE CARD measures 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" and printed on high quality heavy card stock. 


The set of 6 ORIGINAL NOTE CARDS are wrapped with a unique ribbon or string that gives the CARD SET a beautiful personal touch. (The ribbon may vary other than what is pictured). The CARD SET is sealed in an acid-free clear poly bag for protection.


Butterflies are symbols of change and self-transformation. They are a metaphor for profound change in the chapters, seasons, and cycles of our lives. From the caterpillar to the cocoon to the first flight of an emerging butterfly new into the world shows how each part of the process of transformation is so important for growth. Therefore, as we change and transform our lives it need not be so traumatic, painful, and something to avoid, but rather it can be exhilarating, joyful, and freeing. Change and transformation is a continuous natural part of life.

Butterflies also are my symbol of healing and depict the beautiful transformation my life has become as I went through dark times and now spread my wings in the light of freedom.


Thank you for supporting my art.

Cards BUTTERFLY CARD SET(6)Blank Cards w/ Envelopes, Monarch, Swallowtail & more

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, this item is out of stock, but we expect delivery in three weeks. Your shipment will be sent soon afterwards.
  • Your art is protected with an acid and linen free clear bag. Please do not display your art in direct sunlight.

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