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"MY JOURNEY" is a print of a Prismacolor pencil drawing by Michele Molina.


Written on "My Journey" the artist wrote how she felt as a Domestic Violence Survivor: "Abuse takes the color out of life. All that is left is a dark and bleak existence. The pain struggles to come to the surface while IT searches for an outlet to express[es] itself. The world says it’s a lie, because no outward SCARS are visible. LOOK into her eyes, and they won’t LIE to you. There’s an ABUSER standing at the doorway to her SOUL…No amount of years will ever erase that MEMORY. HELP her BELIEVE in herself and become WHOLE again. By helping her you help yourself."


--MY JOURNEY" is a signed original open edition digital print on heavy card stock.

It will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Thank you for supporting my art.

My Journey, Domestic Violence Survivor - Print

  • Your art is protected with an acid and linen free clear bag. Please do not display your art in direct sunlight.

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